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Light Therapy

Light therapy was pioneered by
Specific light
frequencies are absorbed by the skin and serve
as an energy source to stimulate cellular
regeneration.  It increases the production of
collagen and elastin - two proteins responsible
for skin's tone and elasticity.  Studies have
demonstrated its effectiveness in: tightening the
skin, smoothing wrinkles and rough spots,
softening redness, shrinking pore size and
reducing some of the symptoms of Rosacea.

According to the Dermatology Times: 

In the treatment of acne, blue light has been shown to offer efficacy as a sound treatment regimen, but in two recent studies evaluating the outcome when red light is added to the mix, researchers found increased efficacy over blue light alone for patients with mild-to-severe acne and for those with Fitzpatrick skin phototype IV. 

Dermatology Times' study on acne: ACNE Blue & Red Light Dermatology Times Clinical Studies