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Advanced Chemical Exfoliations - Certification Since 2001

Chemical Exfoliations were Melanie's original passion. She has over a 16 years of experience working with all skin types and color. This amount of experience is extremely important when dealing with acids!!!

Chemical Exfoliations are wonderful for the support of acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun damage, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles. 

There are hundreds of types of protocols and different acid combinations available. Whether it is a tca, retinol, glycolic, latic, acetic, kojic, pyruvic, mandelic, arginine, malic, ascorbic, lotus, salicylic or a combination of these, you will be skin typed and a special Chemical Exfoliation program will be designed for you. Many of these are used with the new marketing names under "VI Chemical Exfoliation", obagi and others. Melanie will determine what is best for your skin and the decision will be made together. Because of the lower strengths, the damage is much less obvious, less down time from work (ususally none) and it can be done in a series to provide comfort and less stress on your skin, with beautiful results

There are three categories of "Chemical Exfoliationing"

1. Enzymes, which only removes the lightest layer of dead skin cells, great for sensitive skin. (little to no visible exfoliation)

2. Light Chemical Exfoliations, which is more dead skin removal than enzymes but still with little to no visible exfoliation (Low % or high PH Glycolic acids belong to this group).  

3. "Mid-depth" to "deep" epidermal Chemical Exfoliations. This category varies from a light exfoliation of the skin to a heavy 7 day exfoliation. This level will have a darkening to the skin and heavy Chemical Exfoliationing. 

Chemical Exfoliations are most effective as a series, within 1 to 4  week separation time, depending on your skin type and what Chemical Exfoliation is used.  For example, a good acne or heavily sun damaged skin care program would involve Chemical Exfoliations mixed with microdermabrasion in a series for optimal results. Please refrain from any retinol, topical acne medications or acids several days before appointment. 

At Cary Skin Care, Melanie offers some of the most proven effective facials available.

These Chemical Exfoliations and enzymes work on the epidermal layer of skin. They are used to stimulate the dermal area of skin to get the desired effects. Unlike some medical Chemical Exfoliations, there is no bloody skin after application. These methods require very little down time. Clients love the professional results without the medical expense and down time.

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